Science Communicators Meet

Science Communicators’ Meet – ISC 2021

“For Faraday, the science of effective speech was essential for effective speech about science”.

Science Communicators’ Meet (Vigyan Sancharak Sammelan) is a two-day event held every year at the Indian Science Congress for promoting effective communication of science to diverse audiences.

The Science Communicators’ Meet to be held on January 5-6, 2022 as part of ISC 2021 aims to cultivate and build up a more closely knit science communication community in the country responsible for disseminating science information to all stakeholders. This event will provide an opportunity to science communicators to meet, deliberate and exchange their views on how to further develop science communication, disseminate scientific information and inculcate scientific attitude among general public at large.

The Science Communicators’ Meet at the Indian Science Congress 2021 to be organized at Symbiosis International (Deemed University) aims to discuss the following -

  • Science communication in the time of the health care crisis/ Role of science communication at the time of Pandemics (Lessons from Covid-19 crisis)
  • Adoption of new media technologies to facilitate science communication
  • Curriculum alignment between communication schools and health schools need to have common courses to add meaningful and innovative dimensions
  • Taking science to the lowest common denominator: efforts, challenges, and opportunities
  • The role government, media, technology, and other social actors need to adopt to empower budding women scientists
  • Battling Fake News – Health Communication in a Media Literacy Framework (Creating a misinformation fighting ecosystem through coordinated efforts of healthcare and communication professionals)
  • Role of digital media in facilitating effective health communication
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